TECH SUCCESS – How Us&Co does it


With shared space workplaces becoming ever more common, it’s important to have the right technology to ensure client success and happiness. Us&Co offers private offices and coworking space in London and Dublin and has a devised a successful model that serves professionals of all kinds.

Sylvi Wilamowska

We spoke with Sylvi Wilamowska, head of operations at Us&Co, to find out how on-site tech fits into that experience.

An experienced Industry professional, Wilamowska enjoys helping businesses grow and succeed by providing professional workspace they can be proud of, and by taking away the hassle of day to day building management of their own space.

Tell us about Us&Co  and the company values, mission & objectives? 

Wilamowska: Us&Co seeks to provide beautifully designed, high-end, professional workspaces, with a variety of uses. We offer our clients space where they can grow and thrive, which is complimented by first class service, delivered by our onsite team and partners.

We are strong on design and appeal to a wide variety of businesses. We major on quality furniture, good natural light and space. Whether our clients are from the financial or tech sectors, they expect excellent IT both in the offices and throughout our extensive break out areas. Client satisfaction and therefore retention is our main objective which we achieve through attentive service from our staff and the best systems available.

How does Us&Co fit into that?

Wilamowska: The market is expanding fast but so is demand. Some markets are becoming overly competitive and some operators are doing unsustainable deals which are creating challenging trading conditions. At Us&Co, we both own and operate our buildings which gives us stability. We want to expand in a measured and controlled way with a long-term horizon.

Prior to the relationship with Medusa, what were the key challenges that the business faced in respect to data and Wi-Fi?

Wilamowska: Since we opened our first Us&Co location in 2016, we wanted to ensure that all our systems were modern but also reliable, so we could satisfy the needs of our new clients. We wanted to guarantee our clients a hassle-free experience from the moment they stepped through our door. Therefore, we installed systems that can ‘quietly work together’ in the background. Our internet is super quick, stable and easy to log in to, and our Wi-Fi is very intelligent, so our clients stay on their own network, wherever they are in the building.

Did you have an objective you particularly wanted to achieve in order to achieve change from a technology perspective? 

Wilamowska: We wanted to be able to satisfy the needs of all our clients, regardless of the size of their business, be it a single co-worker or a member of large company.

How has the implementation of the Medusa technology helped you in achieving your goals?

Wilamowska: Medusa enables us to offer a wider variety of IT and Telco services to all our clients. From shared Wi-Fi to specific, more complicated company set ups.

How have your members benefitted from your relationship with Medusa? Are there any measurable examples?

Wilamowska: We have beautifully designed communal areas, such as Club Space in all our buildings. These facilities are free to use to all our clients, so they can enjoy working from there when they want to have a break from their desk. The Wi-Fi roaming feature is certainly very valuable in this instance. Our members benefit from our super-fast and secure Wi-Fi they can connect to at their desk or in the communal areas in another part of the building.

Have there been any additional efficiencies gained as a result with the way you are able to manage your workspace?

Wilamowska: Our onsite team finds Medusa helpdesk team very helpful and friendly, which makes our jobs much easier. The team know that they can always pick up the phone and speak to someone who can help them solve any IT problems.

We have benefitted from being able to be flexible with regards to satisfying the needs of our most demanding clients with regards to IT requirements.