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Why Choose Yardi Kube Business Centre Software?

Yardi Kube provides a unique platform designed to help your business centre raise revenue, optimise for efficiency, simplify management and offer more to your members. Yardi Kube assists business centres with improving scalability, finding the most cost-effective measures for management and exceeding the demands of members.

Challenges Facing Modern Business Centres

  • Eliminating manual processes
  • Simplifying billing
  • Delivering internet & voice services
  • Selling your services online

Eliminating manual processes

Processes such as billing, conference room booking and client setup often consume most of your staff’s time, preventing your space from growing. 

Our user-friendly software automates all operational tasks associated with running a successful business centre and shared office space, from managing leads and monthly billing to providing on-demand internet and voice services. Through automation and self-service, you can control costs and ensure that your team is focused on scaling the business instead of battling operational barriers.

How do I automate my centre?

Simplifying billing

When it comes to billing, most flexible workspaces must tie together reports and data from multiple sources including their copiers, phone system and conference room management tools. The results can be inaccurate and extremely time consuming. 

Yardi Kube fully automates your entire billing process by automatically compiling billing data associated with each of your services. Invoices are issued and tracked to ensure all payments are received automatically. Yardi Kube requires no third-party integrations, preventing possible revenue leakage and saving staff time.

How do I simplify my billing?

Delivering internet & voice services

Simple tasks such as setting up a new user with internet and voice can consume large amounts of your staff’s time, result in an excessive bill from your outsourced IT firm, or both. If fulfilling member service requests often takes days instead of minutes, the solution is simple. 

With Yardi Kube, the process of setting up a new client with internet and voice services can be done with just a few clicks. The platform allows any of your staff to manage your entire network and fulfill all member requests through an easy-to-use interface. With Yardi Kube’s technology, your business centre is able to control IT costs and increase your staff’s efficiency.

How do I control costs?

Selling your services online

One of the keys to increasing revenue, maximising efficiency and scaling your business is to sell your services and products using your coworking software. Yardi Kube automates the sale of all services online from memberships to meeting room booking. By creating an online marketplace, you can open your business centre to new opportunities. 

With increased efficiency, you’ll find more time to allocate to helping build and grow your business.

How do I sell my service online?
  • Eliminating manual processes
  • Simplifying billing
  • Delivering internet & voice services
  • Selling your services online

How Can Yardi Kube Maximise Your Coworking Space?

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Manage members

Build community

Streamline bookings

Automate billing

Provide Wi-Fi/voice

Master accounting

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