Connected Solutions

Drive operational efficiency across multiple coworking locations

Leverage a single coworking management platform to automate lead and tour management, licence creation, bookings and invoicing while ensuring scalability as your portfolio grows

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Automate multi-site operations and provide a seamless member experience across every coworking location

Attract new members

Quickly turn prospects to members by showcasing your coworking spaces and amenities. Deliver convenience and community engagement, while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and driving revenue.

  • Offer a convenient, easy-to-use process for booking and managing tours
  • Streamline the sales cycle by directly importing broker-generated inquiries
  • Track the sales pipeline and automate workflows to ensure fast response
  • Automate license management to simplify sales and renewals
  • Integrate with Yardi eSignature for speedy contract completion
  • Automate sales via a white label, self-service prospect portal
  • Create automated tasks and follow-ups to manage your day-to-day operations

Deliver an unrivaled experience

Deliver a consistent experience across each of your coworking sites by offering seamless services that promote your brand, build community, provide convenience and enhance member satisfaction and retention.

  • Provide your customers a portal and app where they can manage their member profiles, engage with the community and staff in real time
  • Allow your members to book rooms online, reserve desks, raise help tickets and sign up for community events
  • Facilitate online bill payment and get real-time updates on invoicing and payment processes in any of your coworking locations
  • Ensure members can connect at any location in your building or portfolio with fast, dependable, tailored Wi-Fi

Automate multi-site operations

Daily administrative tasks can be difficult to stay on top of when operating multiple coworking or flex locations. Yardi Kube provides a single, connected enterprise coworking platform to eliminate manual billing and paperwork, increase revenue and gain insights into valuable metrics and KPIs.

  • Easily manage day-to-day member adds, moves, changes to contracts and renewals
  • Provide full support for rent-free periods, discounted hours and credit schemes
  • Set up direct debit or credit card payments to automate monthly billing, reduce risk and save time
  • Consolidate accounting across your coworking locations, forecast income and identify future risk at each location
  • Automate reconciliation and collection of payments via Yardi PayScan
  • Simplify reporting for key KPIs such as occupancy, REVPOW, space utilization and your sales pipeline

Join hundreds of coworking and flex spaces using Yardi Kube

What our clients are saying

  • “Yardi’s Wi-Fi Solutions will save Spacemade more than 70% of the cost we have previously absorbed on connectivity.” Array Spacemade Jordanna Curtis Head of Project Management
  • “High density and high-performance Wi-Fi capabilities coupled with competitive pricing were two pivotal deciding factors when choosing Yardi technology.” Array TCN Rob Hoadly Head of Asset Management
  • “As we grow our UK portfolio, we wanted a technology platform that provided scalability, cost savings, flexibility, increased efficiency and was future-proof. Yardi Kube provides all of this and much more.” Array 2-Work Janthea Griffin Operations Director 

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