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IT Management

Yardi Kube IT Management is Yardi’s leading bandwidth and Wi-Fi management system. Powering over 500 locations in the UK, we provide the tools to run a high grade internet service for your clients.

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Benefit from

  • Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Roaming
  • Bandwidth Management Tools
  • Automated Account & Member Set Up
  • Track Customers Bandwidth Usage
  • Add & Remove Ports Instantly
  • A Managed Solution
  • Resilient Solution

Add and Remove Ports Instantly

As Yardi Kube software is connected with all hardware, switches and access points, you can make changes from your desk. Activate a port or deactivate with a click of a button.

Two people talking with a laptop
Two people looking at a laptop

Bandwidth Management Tools

Control bandwidth allocations and allow your centre staff to allocate bandwidth without the need of a third-party helpdesk. With a small amount of training, your centre teams can allocate bandwidth to clients.

Track Customers Bandwidth Usage

See a customers bandwidth usage from Yardi Kube. Just view their account and you can see how they are utilising bandwidth, spot trends and provide feedback to customers.

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Wi-Fi Roaming Across All Centres

Allow your clients and members to roam freely in your building and any other buildings in your portfolio. Your clients can roam and always be connected to their company network securely.

Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi

The Yardi Kube team will survey your building and design your Wi-Fi to meet your needs. They will advise on access point placement to ensure the very best coverage across your building. Our partnership with CommScope means we have the very best in the world, providing the technology for great Wi-Fi connectivity.

A person looking at a laptop
Somebody using a laptop to set someone up on WiFi

Automated Account & Member Set Up

Save time with Yardi Kube IT Management – once a Member is set up, you don’t need to duplicate their details. Your system will host the Member details so you can assign them to the Wi-Fi with our “pending configurations” feature at a click of a button. Once assigned, you can issue their Wi-Fi login and passcode.

Keep Pace with Wi-Fi Technology

Yardi Kube IT Management is a managed solution – this means if there’s a problem with hardware, we will support it fully and replace it in the event of hardware failure. Let us take away the headache of keeping up with the speed of Wi-Fi technology development so your solution never becomes out of date.

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A person on a call on their laptop

Resilient Wi-Fi and Bandwidth Solution

Yardi Kube IT Management is a fully resilient solution. We provide full redundancy so that in the event of a hardware or network failure, you can continue to provide service to your clients.

Looking for even more?

Yardi Kube Space Management Professional includes all the features of Space Management, plus best-in-class real estate accounting software, Yardi Voyager. Space Management Professional is available for operations of all sizes, but was developed with the unique needs of enterprise operators and landlords in mind.

  • Manage accounts payable, receivables and general ledger functions
  • Enhance contract management with e-signature capabilities and approval workflows
  • Sync with external marketing automation platforms via APIs
  • Meet all applicable GAAP and IFRS requirements
  • Configure accounting to the unique demands of your workspace
  • Extend the solution with integrations to other Yardi solutions including VendorCafe.

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Yardi Kube Space Management Professional - accounting software

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