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Sell meeting rooms, coworking plans and virtual offices online. Simply brand the pages to match your website and link customers and prospects to the shopping cart to buy. Payments and invoicing can then be managed within the Yardi Kube system.

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  • Meeting Room Bookings
  • Member Marketplace
  • Custom Payments
  • Online Payments

Book Meeting Rooms Online

Yardi Kube’s easy-to-use booking process allows customers to view and book meeting rooms at any time, location and capacity they want. Users can manage their bookings directly through the Member App and include any additional services required. Thanks to Yardi’s Payment Processing, payments can be made via credit or debit card in the online portal or via the app.

Someone booking a meeting room using an app
Someone purchasing a working plan on an app

Buy Coworking Member Plans Online

Offer member plan bookings online with a click of a button. If you want to offer discounted or free hours for your clients, the system can manage the pricing updates for you. Or if you prefer to have a credit-based system, Yardi Kube can allocate credits to members and your customers can choose when to use them whilst booking online.

Fully Customisable Customer Journey

Provide a seamless journey for your customers. You can ensure consistency across the whole booking experience by adding your brand in the Prospect Portal. Easily update your brand’s colours and logo, set the parameters and booking rules and direct your website to the booking URLs.

An app customised for a certain client
Somebody paying for co-working amenities online

Online Payments for Services

Yardi Payment Processing can be added to Yardi Kube to allow online payments. Accept payments from Mastercard, Visa, BACS, Direct Debit, SEPA, Amex and more – you can choose which credit cards to allow and our credit card payment processor can do the rest. All transactions, including card fees, are immediately accounted for in Yardi Voyager.

Looking for even more?

Yardi Kube Space Management Professional includes all the features of Space Management, plus best-in-class real estate accounting software, Yardi Voyager. Space Management Professional is available for operations of all sizes, but was developed with the unique needs of enterprise operators and landlords in mind.

  • Manage accounts payable, receivables and general ledger functions
  • Enhance contract management with e-signature capabilities and approval workflows
  • Sync with external marketing automation platforms via APIs
  • Meet all applicable GAAP and IFRS requirements
  • Configure accounting to the unique demands of your workspace
  • Extend the solution with integrations to other Yardi solutions including VendorCafe.

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Yardi Kube Space Management Professional - accounting software

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