Medusa Wi-Fi Services – Yardi Kube – UK

Maximise Connectivity.
Facilitate Communication.
Enhance Member Experience.

Yardi Medusa WiFi delivers fast, robust and flexible WiFi and connectivity solutions, ensuring you’re always occupier ready.

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Transform Office WiFi with Yardi Medusa

Deliver fully-connected buildings that are occupier ready with super-fast WiFi and seamless voice and data solutions. Yardi Medusa wifi offers flexible connectivity solutions and technical onsite support from fit-out and throughout your journey as a Medusa client.

Yardi Medusa lets you flex your WiFi parameters at the touch of a button so you can respond quickly to member’s bandwidth needs. Gain visibility of usage reports and connectivity data that helps you streamline management operations.

  • Make members happy
    Allow your members to connect at any location with fast, dependable Wi-Fi and voice services.
  • Increase security
    Strengthen user security without sacrificing service and connection.
  • Get valuable insights
    Gain visibility into bandwidth usage through detailed reports and analytics

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