Access Your Speedy Network at Home


As we still find ourselves in the grip of the pandemic, workers all over the world continue to choose to work from home. While connectivity remains to be one of the most valued amenities in flexible workspace, it’s one of the services your members now don’t need to miss when working remotely. 

Yardi Medusa, super-fast and robust Wi-Fi and network connectivity technology, now delivers even more flexibility to operators, flexspace staff and members by tapping into WireGuard, a trusted VPN tunnel. WireGuard is safe, secure, free to use software and works across all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. 

The Medusa VPN boosts collaboration between teams, no matter where they’re working from. The new technology enhances operator brand perception through member satisfaction whilst offering security and unrivalled network connectivity speeds for members and staff. It also unlocks access to devices such as printers and shared folders on network drives.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our clients the high-quality connectivity their members demand, with added accessibility to support them wherever they choose to work from. We have thoroughly tested the WireGuard VPN connection and have found in many cases it out-performs other well-known VPN products. WireGuard sessions are fully encrypted, making it completely safe and secure,” said Craig Russell, Medusa HelpDesk Manager at Yardi. 

The set up requires very little technical knowledge – simply configure in the Yardi Medusa interface, download the config, then upload. Hey-presto! A fast and fully encrypted connection to your network. 

The VPN feature now comes as standard with all cloud instances of the Medusa product.

Clients can log into Client Central for further information on using the Yardi Medusa VPN feature, as well as a short video on setting this up.