Monetizing Your Bandwidth: How Tiered Offerings Provide Net Revenue

One of the biggest drivers of income in a coworking space is the bandwidth you offer your members. For this reason, it is imperative to note how to maximise the revenue from your bandwidth, while providing ample options for all members.  First, understand that the majority of coworking space revenue comes from private offices or […]

Flexspace Perspectives

Yardi is excited to present a series of bitesize insight videos in partnership with Property Week, ahead of Workspace 2020. This series of interviews gathers perspectives from all corners of the flexible workspace industry, reflecting on the uncertain times that we have found ourselves in during recent months. Justin Harley, regional director at Yardi, captured […]

How A Flexible Workspace Provider Can Prepare For A Post-Coronavirus World

A Bisnow article by Justin Harley, Regional Director, Yardi As the global coronavirus pandemic continues, the flexible offices sector continues to suffer. Cities are full of empty buildings, plummeting investment levels threaten the ability of many small businesses to return and large businesses are putting plans on hold. Large operators including WeWork are being forced to […]

Help on the Front Line

There’s no doubt that the services you offer drives customers through the door, but what makes them stay? There are a few things to consider… but let’s start with the basics. Are they inspired to be the most productive versions of themselves when working in your flexible workspace?  Connectivity is often voted the most valuable […]

Stay Connected with Members

Staying connected to your members and your colleagues is more important than ever as we find ourselves in a time ruled by social distancing, a concept that goes entirely against human nature.  Communication in our professional and personal lives keeps the wheels of success and well-being in motion. Flexible workspace is no different. It’s essential […]

How to Outshine Your Competitors with Member Service

Source Blog: Cat Johnson, GCUC. I recently connected with Justin Harley, Regional Director at Yardi, to talk about the importance of member services in a coworking space. The conversation, however, quickly took a turn. “Can we do something clever here,” Harley asked. “Can we just take the S off of member services?” The change is subtle […]