Stay Connected with Members


Staying connected to your members and your colleagues is more important than ever as we find ourselves in a time ruled by social distancing, a concept that goes entirely against human nature. 

Communication in our professional and personal lives keeps the wheels of success and well-being in motion. Flexible workspace is no different. It’s essential to stay in touch with loyal members who you would ordinarily see on a daily basis. Whether it’s a well wish or tips for staying motivated while working from home, communication is the key to keeping members engaged and content. 

Keep members engaged 

There are a few things you can do to stay in regular contact, with minimal effort too. Technology is the enabler you need, in every sense. Invest in a webinar platform and hold webinars with your members to touch base. Communicate via apps too – if your members have a login portal or an app that they would usually book meeting rooms via, and manage their membership, keep in touch by sending personalised messages. Give them a sense of normality with access to an online community of faces they’re used to seeing day-to-day. A member directory will boost morale and give a sense of familiarity. 

Don’t stop at your members 

There are more than 3.8 billion users on social media. Use it to reflect your brand and voice with regular posts and engaging content for your members and the wider community to see. 

Housekeeping during downtimes

As an operator with a passion for delivering second to none customer service, it’s a great idea to use this downtime for some housekeeping. Take this opportunity to run some digital staff training sessions on best practice in customer service. Communicating with your staff is just as important as communicating with your members. 

Connect to your vendors too to stay in the know about the services that could potentially be affected while your building is empty. Consider keeping a day ahead of reopening to connect with staff, clean, check your internet connectivity, kitchen supplies etc. Is your building occupier ready for the eventual reopening? Reach out to your technology providers, keep your finger on the pulse. Ensure you have the best technology options in place for your members requirements. Are you able to analyse how your members have been utilising their Wi-Fi bandwidth? Use this time to get it right for them on their return to improve your offering.

Supporting technology 

Discover Yardi’s Help Desk service, your quintessential tool for staying on top of your game and staying occupier ready. A dedicated team of Yardi technology engineers are available to respond to all of your Wi-Fi and connectivity needs. Raise queries and use this resource for assistance when performing the ‘housekeeping’ tasks you might not have had the bandwidth to do in a normal working day.